I cannot say enough about Stacey and the services she provides. I decided to move my family to Florida just over 2 months ago, and the prospect of dealing with our accumulation of belongings in such a short time was overwhelming to say the least. I had investigated professional organizers in the past and am so glad that I decided to go for it and even more blessed that I found Stacey! She has made the process of purging, organizing, packing, donating, and even selling unwanted items an absolute joy. There aren't many organizers who would take the time to donate, consign, or help to sell your items...most would just help make the pile and then leave it for you to deal with in your "spare time." It might seen insignificant, but it was a priceless service that provided a "reward" at the conclusion of each area. Stacey's personality is the best! She is easy to get along with, and I consider her a trusted friend now as well as a great service provider. Do yourself a favor and do not delay in hiring Stacey to make it a pleasure to come home each day or to make your move as seamless as possible!

K. Morton, formerly Indianapolis

I found Stacey had the ability to take charge without judgement. She created a plan and gave me the confidence that my situation was something that I could handle with her assistance. Not only did Stacey physically organize my home, but she also provided much needed emotional support through her constant encouragement and guidance. Stacey's rates are more than affordable for the service that she provides; it truly is an affordable luxury for all. Not only does she provide organizing, Stacey also offers packing and unpacking services for those who are relocating. She recently packed up my entire condo, coordinated and managed my move, unpacked my boxes and completely set up my new home while I was away for business. It was so nice to come home to a beautifully organized and welcoming environment. I highly recommend Stacey and Simplified Living's services for moving assistance and organizational needs. I am confident that you will fall in love with Stacey,  not only for the services that she can provide but also for her many endearing qualities.

Patti N., Carmel

I'll start by saying that, like most people, I hate the moving process. Stacey managed my move from start to finish. She worked with me to eliminate everything I no longer needed, packed what was left, found and managed the mover and then unpacked and organized my new home. It was as low stress as a move has ever been, and I get to start out unpacked and organized. All of this for a much lower price than I had anticipated for such outstanding service. This was the second move that Stacey did for me. To top it all off, she is very intelligent and very pleasant. 

Becky A., Indianapolis

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor